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Monday, October 29, 2012

CatCat Grabs the Keyboard

My Turn for Important Announcement

Am I not the most beautiful cat you have seen this morning on the Intertubes?
Catnip--Homegrown, of course--satisfies.
The basket overturned atop my precious catnip prevents the neighborhood rascals from eating it right into the ground. Some cats have NO self-control.

Who needs a Mouse pad when I am available ?~!
Colonizing my turf. That Toshiba is long gone; we're a Mac-only family for many years now.
Thanks and we miss you, Steve.

My fur feels unlike any other fur you have touched. I am so soft ... words cannot adequately describe the lusciousness of my pelt. However, I will let you pet me if you do it correctly. Maybe. On a sunny day. With no wind. In the shade. perhaps....

Loving the most recent piece touched by human hands.

I am awake.

Oh, if you have managed to wade past all the pictures and get this far, here's that announcement I wanted to make.
Occupy Your Litter Box Movement

You see, I too get distracted very easily, 
just like some people we know and love.
Sincerely, CatCat


  1. CatCat you are lovely! Kricket, Kanga and Kipling completely agree with the Occupy Movement and so does their Human!!!!

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere to U & your human!

    Thanks for plugging the Occupy Your Litter Box Movement!

    it's been hard to get anyone to notice so I have to ask how did you come across us?

    Nikita Cat

    1. We found you via Barb Stanbro's kitty blog. She had a link to your blog and so I followed it. There we were--at your place, laughing and wanting to plug the movement too. You are very funny.

  3. I think so, too, Lynda! :-D

    Just wanted to let ya know I finally got around to linking to this post in the list of supporters.

    That makes 3! :-D

    Mr. Nikita