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Friday, September 25, 2015

A New Pillow Begins

 My oversize pillows have found different homes in the last few months
and I miss having one in the living room so I started afresh.
Putting my favorite fabrics together creates fun for me that truly feels joyous.

The brown and pink cupcake pincushion was a Giveaway win from Beedeebabee, Paulette,
who is on hiatus at this moment in Autumn 2015.
It's a fun piece and brings great memories every time I push
a big-headed pin into its creamy depths. I love cupcakes.

Just behind the cupcake is a red and blue heart on a white background pincushion given to me by my sister-from-another-mother Erica from Holland, Piper's Oma. It's counted cross stitch to which I added a leather base for hand protection. I love its colors and the affiliation with this beloved woman and her family.

I've used two layers of polyester batting
and backed it with a great antique ecru linen.

Not sure where we go from here but I've never let "not having a plan" stop me.

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"I Stand Corrected"

The funniest Internet story I have ever seen:
Thanks, Dr. Grumpy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dr. Grumpy: "Hi, I'm Dr. Grumpy. Have a seat... What can I do for you?"

Mrs. Newpatient: "You wrote me a script for physical therapy, and I lost it. When I finally found it last month the therapy place said it was too old, and that I needed a new one."

Dr. Grumpy: "Hang on, ma'am... "(frantically searching computer) "um, I've never seen you before, let alone ordered therapy for you. We don't have anyone by your name or birthday in the system."

Mrs. Newpatient: "That's not true! I have your script right here!"

And she pulls out a discolored, dog-eared, wrinkled, physical therapy order from freakin' 1994, written, by me, on the order forms from the hospital I did my residency at.

Posted by Grumpy, M.D. at 8:01 AM

Anonymous said...
"I was just about to call the physical therapist to make an appointment, when my phone rang. It was a friend of mine who called to tell me about this new computer program called 'Mosaic' that let you look at this new thing called the 'World Wide Web.' I decided to check it out, so I sat down for a few minutes.....long story short, here I am now."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


Sept 23, 2015

Courageous Calf

There were over a dozen calves in that field and only this brave youngster would come and eat my offering of freshly harvested-by-hand grass. I was So Very Excited by the little one's touching gesture of friendship.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Coloring Pages and the Amazing Mediums !~!

More fun ahead:

 Inexpensive tools of the coloring trade brought to you by
Total cost was less than forty dollars delivered for these three pieces: gel pens $15; Watercolor pencils $15; SuperTips $8 at the local Walgreens. 

The Fiskars Gel Pens (on the left with orange label and clear case) color like a dream and are true to the cap colors. There are metallic pens with sparkly colors, soft pastel tints, vibrant primary shades. The only color missing is brown-I haven't found a single shade of my favorite earthtone in the 48 different pens.

This blue tin case at the bottom of the picture is my first set of watercolor pencils and I will report back after I have used them with actual ... Water !~!

The SuperTips markers (on the right in yellow and green box) are not true to their cap colors and I will not replace them when they dry out. They apply much darker with little variation within the colors themselves. Disappointed. I wish I had bought using Amazon. I could get my money back then-live and learn.

Printed directly from the web using simple search terms:

"coloring pages" animal intricate

Easy peasy to look thru the hundreds of offerings and see which you like and print it out and then color til your brain waves feel happy.

If you want to find fabulous pages to color Dr Google is your best buddy. I just type in { "coloring pages" elephants or owls or unicorns } without the brackets but with the quote marks and get pages of pictures with varying degrees of difficulty and detail from which to choose. Print them out on my desktop printer on whatever paper goes with the particular pens or colored pencils I am using, and viola:  Fun for days !!~!

I found this link and the list of additional coloring pages (with even more links) two-thirds of the way down the page is phenomenal!

At this moment I am in love with gels pens but that is subject to change
as I grow more familiar with how watercolor pencils work.
I hope to gain proficiency on that medium thru these pages of fun (free) artwork.

Have some fun of your own, with the Littles in your life, or an afternoon in the park with that SO you've been trying to squeeze in some special time.

If you color and send me a picture I'll post it in a blog entry all its own !~!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello to the Horses

Lucia has a horse, Little Nemo, and we went to the stables Sunday afternoon to say hello, feed 'Mo some carrots, and tidy up the area a bit. We were the only one around; the quiet so different from where we live among other people.

Couldn't resist taking photos of some their gorgeous faces.

Aren't they amazing animals ?~!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Potholders for My Kitchen Too !~!

When I get on a roll I have a tendency to keep at it for a time...

These are my three newest potholders. Where will it end ?~! Get your requests in now before the urge to create flies onto the next lucky maker.            

Having too much fun to stop now. I have a small basket of "coin strips" that I can do anything with-more potholders perhaps, stuffed toys for the neighborhood kitties, who knows what else will occur to me as I play with the fabric ?~!

Still some quilting to do but you can see where we're going.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For My Beloved Sisters so Far Away

Unable to be part of their everyday lives, I make stuff that Karen and Phyllis use, see, touch so they are reminded that I am always close by.

Sending small items proves most practical from several standpoints so I  make lightweight cloth pieces, either to hang from the walls, cover the windows, or lay on their desk. Pot holder, trivet, mug rug... such possibilities. It's cool that I can send them stuff so they know that I am thinking of them.

Photos anyone ?~!

Karen's desk set under construction: here's the mug rug cut from "made" fabric.

The armrest measures six by twelve inches using the same fabric.
Padding is a double layer of polyester batting.
Tying it together went very quickly.

Completed with binding in place.
Six by six inches - mug rug.
Six by twelve inches - arm rest.
Much loved by Karen; she received it.
* * * 

Phyllis's 10 by 10 inch potholder/trivet. The binding is the ever-popular star fabric that I buy by the yard and use in lots of different stuff.
The sparkly silver stars are so fun--what's not to love ?~!

* * *

Oh, this ?~! Making small talk with an iguana?
It's what passes for fun in the Florida Keys.

waving at Pat and Iggy from the land of bears and coyote

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Love the Paris Sisters with All My Heart

 Shirts make the very best pillows. Over the years I have made a half dozen or more for kids I babysit, new moms, people who need joint cushioning in their wheelchairs or beds and myself for sleeping comfort.

Last trip thru the second-hand store brought a PARIS shirt to my attention and immediately into my cart.

Hello new pillow for my two favorite kids: Frankie-Noodles and Lulu Bells.

Pulling the top together was easier than I thought.
I didn't even have to cut this shirt;
I folded it creatively and sewed it shut.

The arms of the shirt turned into a really cute handle.

Martha, their mom; Lucia and Frankie, the Paris sisters.