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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Love the Paris Sisters with All My Heart

 Shirts make the very best pillows. Over the years I have made a half dozen or more for kids I babysit, new moms, people who need joint cushioning in their wheelchairs or beds and myself for sleeping comfort.

Last trip thru the second-hand store brought a PARIS shirt to my attention and immediately into my cart.

Hello new pillow for my two favorite kids: Frankie-Noodles and Lulu Bells.

Pulling the top together was easier than I thought.
I didn't even have to cut this shirt;
I folded it creatively and sewed it shut.

The arms of the shirt turned into a really cute handle.

Martha, their mom; Lucia and Frankie, the Paris sisters.


  1. That shirt cum pillow turned out very well. I love that it is a Paris shirt. I have just recently read two different books all centered around Paris. I wish (bucket list) to one day return there. My memories of Paris have faded over the years but,in my <3 I still have a grand fondness for it. And, I still speak a tiny bit of French. LOL

  2. Very clever idea. It's great how the lettering works out to the perfect size for a pillow.