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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Home Looks Good These Days

After flying to Ft Myers in the far SW corner of Florida and then driving back to the Bay Area in the last two weeks, I am ready to walk for the next month.

For a long time, my best friend/soulmate and I have talked of retiring together and now that has happened. We are here together in northern California. Safely, after navigating an SUV across 3200 miles of freeway-just the two of us.

We stopped in Oklahoma and had a Lay Day while getting to know my teenage grandkids. How cool is that?

We saw petrified wood, waterfalls, a herd of wild horses. Enough trees in the green palette to last us a lifetime and the oranges and tans and browns of the desert provided a startling contrast.

So here we are, embarking on a new lifestyle. Sharing a home with my husband, trooper that he is !~! And a tiny service dog named Isabella Louise.

pictures to follow....