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Monday, February 22, 2016

Slow Time of Year

The months fly by even when it feels like just last week that I was doing the retrospective of some of my stuff. Wow and here it is late February already.

I've been doing lots of kid wrangling and potholder/placemat stitching. My friend bought another ten pieces a couple weeks ago and I have enjoyed using new African prints for making placemats and mug rugs with the potholders. Playing in the fabrics stirs creativity-sewing strips together to "make fabric" from which I will make smaller items is the most fun. Putting strips together with no real end product in mind allows freedom to do whatever strikes me at the moment.

And still to come are the future pieces made from this "created fabric".

Looking into the future of my sewing, I see Australian Aboriginal paintings as the basis for my next batch of items. I purchased a small painting and a box of coasters with Aboriginal Artwork and I love them. The designs are unique and unusual for one who has grown up with no exposure to such magnificent art.

Have a great week, my friends,
I hope that all you do leads to peace and harmony.