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Friday, April 18, 2014

Needle and Thread Thursday-Scrappy Blocks Highlighted

This small lap quilt quickly became a favorite when I finished hand-quilting it.
It hangs over the back of my chair for when I need a bit of extra warmth.
Love it most for the eye candy.

Isn't that orange with beige feathers just the prettiest !~
And Hello Aqua !~!  with small circles...
and honeycomb pattern too.
Ellies in the top left and sailboats under the date;
green batik nudges red mushrooms.
I love these scrappy log cabins.

A gift quilt for my Favorite Teacher in all the Land.

Abby's Nautical Indigo

My original CatCat napped atop each current project.

My dear Neighbor/Friend found this piece of Shibori
in a thrift store in the City (SF).

I love how my window coverings photobomb. 
Scrappy Log Cabins R Us !~! 

The urge to create more scrappy blocks percolates in me. Every day I feel it more and more. There were nearly one hundred blocks in this last cycle and I love every one of them. I see new combinations coming alive in my mind's eye-it's hazel with gold flecks, that eye !~!

Have a lovely weekend. 
Be safe.
Happy Spring, let no more snow fall here nor there...
(I'm looking at you, Smith Falls, Ontario!!)

☼          ☼

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Naming our Feelings

This wheel opened a world of expression to me. Never did I realize there were so many ways one could feel and that they cold be sorted so cleanly. Lots to learn from this drawing.

Jak Visits and a Phone Call Refreshes

A Dog Visited for the Week

When Jak's family travels, he comes to stay with us. We were lucky earlier this month to have his company while the rest of the gang took a few days to play. He's a Taiwanese Mountain Dog rescued from the island some years back and brought to America by a rescue organization. I'm sorry I don't know the name of the group. An agency who does this kind of good work is AHAN. Another of our friends adopted this same breed of dog thru AHAN and they have been very happy with him, too.

What'cha lookin' at, Jak ?~!

Phone Call from Hailstorm Country

What fresh hell is this, she must have asked as the hail stones pelted the tin roof of the gardening shed. It's mid-April !~! It's daffodils and tulips and seedling time.

The phone call refreshed me even if it was cut short by the phone battery dying.

I love you, my faraway sister.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy CATerday !~!

We're a few minutes past midnight and we're happy to be here !~!

I sleep on the softest items I can find.
If they smell like my human, that's even better.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Warm Neck Again

Few places on my body suffer the cold as much as my neck. I love cowls. Mobius cowls are my absolute favorite. So I made another one. Of seafoam and purple silk/bamboo and a smidgen of variegated superwash merino to hold the shape. It's warm enough to help keep me comfortable without being hot or scratchy. A double Win !~!

(edit April 18, 2014) So far, it's holding its shape. I blocked it by pinning to a damp towel and then covering with another damp tea towel and letting air dry for a few days. The warmth and softness are remarkable.

Baby Boy Meets VroomVroom

Power Tools for Everyone !~!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Front Door Cover

I change the cover on my front door regularly. 
I have had a plethora of covers over the years. 
This is the most recent one I made yesterday.

Elephants and Australian print share the space.

From the outside...

The Welcome sign from Myra's funeral.
My favorite bumper sticker
One of my early weavings.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

She's Very Difficult to Resist !~!

CatCat 2.0 has grown into a valued and delightful member of the family in her four months with us. A New Years Eve arrival to LyndaLand, she staked her claims and appreciates affection most of the time. She's gentle with her pointy parts and for the first time recently drew blood on my hand. She was as dismayed as I was, I think. She loves to purr which CatCat 1 never did. It's a cool deal when that motor gets going so loudly and she head butts me...

Sitting in Baby Boy's Bumpo Seat-why, you may ask? I haven't a clue.
Stretched out on the couch taking a break from all her kitty duties.

Striped Neutral Mobius Cowl Finished

It took less than a week.
In my copious free time !~!

Mobius Striped Neutrals Cowl
wool yet soft and squishy
Love the colors too.

Linking up with Linda at Natural Suburbia's Creative Friday.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Go Outside Every Single Spring Day

On days with high pressure—the clear, sunny ones—people who spent more than 30 minutes outside saw an increase in memory, mood, and flexible thinking styles. Those who spent the time indoors, though, saw a decrease. In a second experiment, the researchers asked 121 subjects to either spend time inside or outside on a warm, clear day. “Among participants who spent more than 30 minutes outside,” they reported, “higher temperature and pressure were associated with higher moods, but among those who spent 30 minutes or less outside, this relationship was reversed.” The participants who spent more time outside during the spring, but not during other seasons, had better moods.
“Temperature changes toward cooler weather in the fall did not predict higher mood,” they wrote. “Rather, there appears to be something uniquely uplifting about warm days in the spring.”
In summary, across the studies, spending more time outside on clear, sunny days, particularly in the spring, was found to increase mood, memory, and openness to new ideas. People who spent their time indoors, though, had the opposite effect, and “one possible explanation for this result is that people consciously resent being cooped up indoors when the weather is pleasant in the spring.”
People in industrialized nations spend 93 percent of their time inside, but the authors suggest that “if you wish to reap the psychological benefits of good springtime weather, go outside.”
— How Spring Opens the Mind - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic (via myserendipities)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Totally Re-purposed Blanket

The center twelve squares are reclaimed cashmere from sweaters I either owned or thrifted and felted.

The outer circle of  light blue and red squares used to be sweatshirts.

I appliqued that all  to a "garage sale for a buck red fleece blanket" that a neighbor was letting go.

It's warm and cozy and fuzzy and pretty if you like those colors. It fits a twin size perfectly and we use on the couch when it's chilly. I love its cheerfulness.

Linking up with Linda at Creative Friday.

Piper and Wyatt in the Hammock Chair

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fourteen Years Ago I Came for Fireworks

St Patrick's Day and the Trip Cross Country on Amtrak

I came cross country on Amtrak with a small entourage I picked up within the first hour of leaving Orlando. The four of us women stuck together all the way across the southern route-eating and talking story.
When I got to Berkeley I hoped for St Patty's Day Fireworks--no such luck I discovered.

Amtrak-in one of their own photos.

Arriving in Emeryville at 11pm on Friday Mar 17, 2000, my daughter and husband met me and my six containers of household stuff. We went home... to a studio apartment in Berkeley in which he and I shared the main room, our daughter bunked in the closet sized kitchen and for privacy we took a shower in the only room with a door. I arrived with Six Containers full of stuff. Where I thought it would fit is beyond me...

Iris and Ormond next to our home in Berkeley-ready for a cycle ride.

That studio apt was bigger than most of the houseboats we had lived on in Key West and we were grateful to be in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto. Amazingly good food abounded, albeit expensive.

The view from our apartment next to Vegi Food on Vine at Shattuck.
Looking up Vine St toward Peet's Coffee.

Three years later we bought a share in the Atchison Village Mutual Home Association and moved into our own place with yard and off-street parking.

Hope to spend the rest of my life here.

We're closing in on 10,000 pageviews. Thank you so much for stopping by; with literally millions of blogs to choose from; thanks for making mine one of yours.



Friday, March 14, 2014

Finished Flimsy-Still Lots to Do However !~!

I have to baste and quilt this bad dog. (I tied it-simpler!). As of Apr 2nd I still have to finish the sides. The top and bottom I sewed like Diamonds only prettier with a blanket stitch.

Linking up to Barb's Cat Patches March FO Party.
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(edit) finished it off by turning the Front over the edges of the backing, sewing it by hand with a blanket stitch on the short ends and a wide, multi-stitch, machine zig-zag on the long edges. Now to get it to her in a reasonable amount of time...April 5, 2014)