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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wearing Weaving, Why Not ?~!

My First Attempts at Floor Loom Weaving

The Richmond Art Center offers floor loom weaving classes at a fairly reasonable rate. I wanted to learn how these amazing machines operate and so took their Tuesday night class for two consecutive terms.

The first term I learned how different treadling patterns look and what happens when you use cloth strips and driftwood. OK, that's cool.

The first steps in getting the warp threads onto the loom.

Driftwood from Yosemite and fabric strips add interest.

The treadles raise and lower the warp threads.

Second Term and Another Idea

Last Autumn (2013) I took my second term of loom weaving.
By then I wanted to use more tactile portion of my senses, and so purchased bamboo and silk yarn in a 70% bamboo, 30% silk mixture. Unbelievably satiny; I'm sure there are softer yarns in the world, I just haven't met them yet. The silken feel is as yet unmatched in my limited experience. I made a wall hanging ten inches wide and about five feet long with a very loose weave.

The loosely woven piece before I squashed it down.

The two pieces I made at Richmond Art Center during 2013.

The yarn wanted me to wear it, not just look at it !~! Or so it seemed to say as it hung on the wall next to the first term's piece beside the head of my bed. So, I began to tighten up the weft by sliding the threads down toward the bottom of the hanging. It took a couple weeks to get it all down to a close weave with a great long fringe on the one end. I have worn it numerous times; right now it's so hot and muggy that I am wearing a sleeveless shirt-nearly unheard of here, but the scarf feels so good. It is heavier than any other scarf I have bought or made over the years and I am finding that as I get older I like the feel of weightiness in my blankets and my clothes.

It worked out better than I could have anticipated.
I am so pleased with the colors and the feel of the yarn I may have to do something similar
with the larger of my two lap looms; it could be the loom's maiden project.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Saying good-bye to my Frankie was one of the hardest things I had to do this summer.

She sent me this picture today with the note: "I saw this just outside my dorm."

Remember, my sweet, that I am always with you.

Ormond's Flimsy... or How To Totally "Redesign" a Quilt Top Without Knowing It !~!

The Design as seen last week:

It took Ormond an hour or so of playing with my four-patch blocks
to achieve this design.

The Flimsy Hanging on the Porch Now:

There's a definite resemblance.

That's about all that can be said for my sewing the squares together in the correct spaces.

Oh well, he insists that I not take it apart and redo it and for that I love him.

So I have batting and will audition backings but the top stays in its current semi-designed style. No one has to love it for it to be warm and inviting when Ormond's ready to sleep.

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 ☙ ☙ ❦ ☙ ☙

Here's a picture of the hanging rack Ormond made for my strips. It's mounted on the wall behind my sewing machine and lifts away on a hinge across the top, a piano hinge I think, for easy loading and choosing strips. He's a great designer and developer.

✧ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✧

Happy Labor Day Weekend; be safe. Fire safe, driving safe, food poisoning safe, sharp objects safe: it's all fun and games til someone gets an eye... well, you know the rest of that one !~!

Thanks for reading and commenting, it really does make my day when someone feels the urge to spend a few extra moments saying Hi, Lynda.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quilty Confessions

Blasting thru my quilting blogs I have come across many with Ten Quilting Confessions.

So here are mine:

1. Square up what !~! If my quilts were square, people wouldn't believe they were mine.

2. Prewash is for reds. The rest can take their best shot !~

3. I am ALL about wonky. The wonkier the better, I want it to be known that it wasn't supposed to be anything other than what it is.

4. I wouldn't know a designer or a fabric line if they marched thru my living room with a Drum & Fife corps leading the way.

5. I seldom know what the end product will look like when I begin the process.

6. I prefer that one dimension be no more than 44-45 inches, makes the backing easier.

7. Cutting up clothing and using it is how I started my quilting journey-I continue to do that.

8. Tying quilts is So Much Easier than trying to quilt them on my little Singer.

9. I wonder if the people to whom I have sent quilts actually use them or if they get tossed on a shelf...

10. How long will the fun last ?~!

Hope to see some of your quilting confessions too.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back Into the School Year Swing of Things

Little Wyatt comes back in a few hours for the school year. His mom starts back to work tomorrow. Gone is the little baby that wanted to be held and loved on all day long; now it's "take me outside so I can ride that trike and the little car and swing and go for walks and chase the kitty and visit the neighbors." No guarantee that he will nap either...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ormond's New Quilt

My husband has been an active part of my quilting journey since the first large one we made: I sewed blocks, handed them to him and he put them into order using our bed as a design wall. I cannot see the pattern until a photo is taken of it and I look at that.

Our first collaboration, now hangs on wall in living room where it is admired all day, every day by Ormond and me. Over 700 pieces, that's a lot.

Current Quilt in progress will be for Sleeping With

His quilt started with 208 4.5 inch HSTs that I made using the four to a square technique. Good instructions are out there by the pageful but they really are too simple. Two squares of differing fabrics sewn right sides tog all the way around, 3/8s of an inch from the edge. Press to set the seams and cut diagonally in both directions. Press open the four units and enjoy making the many different squares that can be done. It's kinda addictive actually for design freaks. Not like anyone we Know !~!

Pressing the HSTs open. He wields that iron with his mighty forearm.
Time out
Musical Interlude

Leonard Cohen in London in 2009

Democracy is Coming to the USA...

Ok, where were we before I had to have a Leonard Cohen moment ?~! IS he not one of the most inspirational men of our generation !~! I love his style, his lyrics, his backup singers

and that woodwind player--my next husband...

"Shhhh, Jesus is ok with it but we can't tell Dad." Who said that and when, my BBT buds ?~!

Back to the quilt...

So he plays around for over an hour... I was getting a bit impatient to get it sewn together, it was On. My. Bed... where I nap; so that day I napped on the floor next to the quilt. {thx, hon, for not taking the drooling-bed-head picture}

Pondering a pattern from the cacophony.


There it is !~! You'd think that would be simple enough, right ?
Close but not quite...

Coming soon
pic of completed flimsy
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teach Them Young and Hope It Sticks

Our Morning Walk Thru the Village

As we wander about Atchison Village on our at least once
and sometimes twice-daily walks we find lots of litter.
Picking it up just makes sense...

After those daily walks, a nap in a homemade quilt
hits the spot like nothing else ever will.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Like the Beanstalk, It Grew and Grew

It's twice as big as it was when I got up this morning.

It's the size Iris wants so that she can share.

I love that in a woman.

I have batting, that's cool.

So far the only backing I have found that's big enough (48 by 100 or so) is obnoxiously bright yellow gingham. Auhhh, No. I am certain that it will not do so I may be off to JoAnn's for dark jersey backing. Ended up using a white with thin blue stripes-looks almost like ticking. I pulled it around to the front and used it as binding too. It's finished and will be delivered hopefully today.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

7-14-14 Flimsy

Passing the Culture Onward

He may look young and it's true; he also wants to know how everything works, why it works the way it does and can he take it apart. He watches everything we do and copies it correctly most of the time. He helped me sew today-wanted to be on my lap and pushing the foot pedal at the same time. Not gonna happen this week-he's too short but he doesn't understand that part of the discussion.

Wyatt watches intently as the needle rises and falls too fast for him to follow.

Keeping his hands firmly on the desk and away from the flashing needle,
he never takes his eyes off the machine.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Group Skype Call

One of the hardest things around moving to California was leaving behind my soulmate who lived a few hours away in south Florida. Phyllis, 'sister of another mother', had recently left the area as well and made her way up the East Coast settling eventually in Eastern Canada. Years passed; packages of love gifts made their way across country-back and forth; phone calls tried to take into account the time differences but we were still longing to see one another.

Enter Skype: the computer program that allows one to communicate with video all around the world. I originally saw Skype years ago at work nannying for a family with relatives overseas. The father was an early adopter and had Skype a decade or more ago so used it regularly with his family; one day I was there during a call and so was introduced via the computer screen.

Many years passed; the technology became very easy to use. My sister in Canada fought a huge health battle a couple summers ago and we spent time nearly every day on Skype. One day I completed an obligation that needed my full attention for about thirty minutes despite a two-year old with me. She was kept entertained and out of harm's way by Skyping with Phyllis in the same room as I was working. It was an amazing experience.

Today begins a weekly planned Skype call for Karen and Phyllis and me: extreme south Florida, eastern Canada and northern California, to be together without flying our old, ill, tired, broke selves cross-country enriching the airline stockholders while wearing ourselves into grinding poverty.

I am atop the moon about this plan. I don't wanna fly over all those red states again !~!

from the top: Lynda, Phyllis, Karen * June 2005
We're squinting in the Key West sun and we couldn't love each other more.
This was the last time we were together. It's been nearly ten years.
I miss them dreadfully and count on Skype
to help assuage these feelings of longing and melancholia.