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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Potholders for My Kitchen Too !~!

When I get on a roll I have a tendency to keep at it for a time...

These are my two newest potholders. Where will it end ?~! Get your requests in now before the urge to create flies onto the next lucky maker.              

Having too much fun to stop now. I have a small basket of "coin strips" that I can do anything with-more potholders perhaps, stuffed toys for the neighborhood kitties, who knows what else will occur to me as I play with the fabric ?~!

Still some quilting to do but you can see where we're going.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For My Beloved Sisters so Far Away

Unable to be part of their everyday lives, I make stuff that Karen and Phyllis use, see, touch so they are reminded that I am always close by.

Sending small items proves most practical from several standpoints so I  make lightweight cloth pieces, either to hang from the walls, cover the windows, or lay on their desk. Pot holder, trivet, mug rug... such possibilities. It's cool that I can send them stuff so they know that I am thinking of them.

Photos anyone ?~!

Karen's desk set under construction: here's the mug rug cut from "made" fabric.

The armrest measures six by twelve inches using the same fabric.
Padding is a double layer of polyester batting.
Tying it together went very quickly.

Completed with binding in place.
Six by six inches - mug rug.
* * * 

Phyllis's 10 by 10 inch potholder/trivet. The binding is the ever-popular star fabric that I buy by the yard and use in lots of different stuff. The sparkly silver stars are so fun--what's not to love ?~!

* * *

Oh, this ?~! Making small talk with an iguana?
It's what passes for fun in the Florida Keys.

waving at Pat and Iggy from the land of bears and coyote

Linking up with Richard and Tanya and Amanda Jean this week.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Love the Paris Sisters with All My Heart

 Shirts make the very best pillows. Over the years I have made a half dozen or more for kids I babysit, new moms, people who need joint cushioning in their wheelchairs or beds and myself for sleeping comfort.

Last trip thru the second-hand store brought a PARIS shirt to my attention and immediately into my cart.

Hello new pillow for my two favorite kids: Frankie-Noodles and Lulu Bells.

Pulling the top together was easier than I thought.
I didn't even have to cut this shirt;
I folded it creatively and sewed it shut.

The arms of the shirt turned into a really cute handle.

Martha, their mom; Lucia and Frankie, the Paris sisters.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Number One Son Stops By

The phone rings; it's our son. He's in the area and wants to make us dinner in his Volvo semi. Soup's ON !~!

I love when he comes this close and we can go visit him.

Stay safe, my precious son.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Gifts for Friends

When a gift is needed and a quilt too much, I put together potholders for those who cook-which is most of our friends. Personalizing them is half the fun, or more !~!

I made two this week for two different men, both of whom are special to me.


Sander is a cook and the best dad I know. His mom became my friend many years ago when she was visiting from The Netherlands the summer Piper was born-2008. She and I have remained close and when she wanted a piece made out of one of Sander's favorite t-shirts, I was the artist she contacted. So I took the piece of t-shirt, backed it with Insul-Brite, then added a log cabin square with a personalization on the light blue log.

He will love it I am sure.


Next piece is for Chris, in Florida, who loves my niece, Heather. He, too, is a cook as well as a retired Paramedic/Firefighter, so when I came upon a pair of pj bottoms for a baby in the motif of the local fire department, I couldn't resist. Wedding gift? I've got it !~!

So that's what I have been doing this past week since I returned from my trip to see my sister.

What have you been up to?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Florida Bound

I leave in the morning for Florida to visit my soulmate for a week.  Distance has kept us apart for five years and were it not for FaceTime and Skype, we'd have flown sooner.

Getting older has compromised our health and made traveling difficult for us. But there comes a time when one says "I must" and that time is now.

See you in a week with pictures of tropical waters, sunsets, family and friends.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunflower Joy !~!

Taller than we are now...

Shading CAtCAt in her kingdom; all the bugs are hers !~!

Sunburst-like in its beauty.

Multiple heads on some will be so fun when they're all abloom at once.

The brown ones are magnificent in their uniquity.

As the annuals go to seed, St Francis continues to provide water for the animals.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Good-bye, Sweet Burp

As all things must end, these little guys age out and school gets them or, as in this case, they move to other parts of the country. Wyatt and his family leave for Arizona tomorrow... words fail me.

I love you, little guy, and will miss you more than I can tell.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jean !~!

My dear friend has a birthday today. She rocks the movie trivia category on Jeopardy like no one else I have ever played with or against. I have known Jean for a year now and we have seen one another every single day for a couple hours-often the best hours of my day !~!

Happy Birthday, Jean.

Jean Ashton laughs at some ridiculous comment we have made about what we're watching on PBS. This night it was one of the installments of the Ken Burns special mini-series The Roosevelts that had us enjoying each others' company.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Sunflowers are Nearly My Height

Hard to believe that anything can grow this fast. These sunflowers are gaining height, stem diameter and loads of foliage. A few of them have reached the point where they are setting flowers; the shorter breeds will  likely have blooms before the ten-footers appear.

Photos taken May 6th:

Later in May-21st or so...
Standing next to the row. 

 CatCat (brown with white tail tip!) and Gatito (black and white) prowl
the growing sunflowers 5-21-2015.

Poppies, calendula and weeds are coming up between the big plants.