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Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'm So Incredibly Moved; Thank You

Celebrating a birthday when you are my age can be a day of quiet reflection.

Here, in LyndaLand, my little coral-colored phone rang all day and into the late evening of the next day. More than fifteen of my cherished ones called. Half a dozen sang. I am blessed beyond words to be so loved. This pile of thank you's went out to show how incredibly grateful I am to everyone who reached out to me this week.

Piper and Ginger stopped by with the most amazing gifts: They wrote letters describing our relationships and how important we are to one another. Full page, hand-written, from deep within their hearts; accompanied by drawings of us. I am touched on a level so intense it's difficult to write about it and keep my emos under control.

* * *

Typing is problematic right now: I had thumb surgery just over a week ago and am immobilized for another month. I have never learned to type with one hand. Have you ?~!

Trapeziectomy for those who want to look it up to see what Dr K did to me. Supposed to relieve the intractable pain I was suffering. We'll see. The first five days post-op were a bitch. It's better now-less painful, still cumbersome.  At this point, the right thumb will not be getting its surgery any time soon.

Since washing the mop of hair was impossible with this thumb situation, I had it cut off by my dear dear Laurel. Now I can wash it and brush it myself. Thanks, Laurel.

Much love and many thanks to all my buds, 

you made my 60th the Best Birthday ever !~!


  1. Ouch, I wish I hadn't read the info at the link. I can type with one hand, but I am much more accurate and efficient with two.

    1. Ouch is good, yes, let's go with ouch. Maybe we'll have a kid drop by and the language should reflect that possibility. Ok, ouch it is !~!

      Thanks for stopping by Gene. Always love to read what's doing at your place too. How's your mom these summer days?

  2. Happy birthday, Lynda! It's so nice to receive so many anniversary congratulations! You are a very dear woman! Your family and friends are very lucky to be with you! And these letters full of love made me thrill! What a so nice letters! A great treasure for to save for a lifetime! I wish you'll recover soon from my thumb! A big, big hug from Catalonia! Happy Birthday, Lynda!

    1. May your Catalonian summer bring you and Carlota much joy, laughter and memories of light, warm evenings in the gloaming.
      [Mayo su verano catalán trae le y Carlota mucha alegría, risa y memorias de la luz, tardes calientes en el gloaming.]

      Muchisimas gracias por sus palabras buenas.

  3. Ah ha, eureka! On magnification, I saw my name on that list. Love you my sister.

    1. Of course you did, Phiddy !~! Your call was one I cherish considering the three decades of "herstory" we share, along with that "Early Summer B-Day" bond.