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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Photos I Found on my Computer

Piper, Argy Bargy, Ormond (not shown) and I celebrated Argy-Bargy's first birthday
with bones and balls for him,
and cake for ones with opposable thumbs.

Ormond and Burp dig a bed to plant annuals.

Burp brought me flowers many many days when he and Ormond were out in the yard. Here's a bloom from the Iceberg Rose bush.

Each day I take time to appreciate where I live
and with whom I associate.
How lucky can one woman get in life ?~!

12 May, 2015
Burp is nearly thirty months old, talking well.
This is his first solo success at the puzzle.
His grin says more than I could.

Scout lined the cars at rug's edge.
She was proud of herself.
Now seven, she plays with much better stuff !~!