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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Update on My Thumb


The original cast-thingy came off Thursday (June 29th-15 days after surgery) and not a day too soon. A decubitus ulcer was forming over the knuckle on my thumb. Another day or two and it would have broken thru the skin and then, boy-howdy! would there have been issues to deal with that might have taken months to resolve.

Doc wanted to put me into a non-removable cast for an additional four weeks. No. Not a chance in hell are we doing that. I just went thru 15 days unable to fix my own problem and my knuckle still barks at me.

So downstairs to the Occupational Therapist, who shall remain nameless, to have her make me a thermoplastic splint that I could take on and off at will.

By ten that night the splint had solidified with one of its sharp edges crossing All. Three. Incision. Lines. WTF ?~!

Off came it. Online went I. Order a brace, await its arrival and use a neoprene dealie that I have had for a while now.

They told me to totally immobilize it for another four weeks. What? No way. It would be A-weak as butterfly; B-stiff like anvil; C-royal inconvenience with no use of it for another month. So I am resuming my regular life activities with As Tolerated and Smart Thoughtfulness about how I do things.

My life is full of lifting babies and groceries and laundry, stripping beds, bathing people who cannot do it themselves, making food, vacuuming, changing diapers and clothing, playing games and pushing strollers, teaching cursive and reading, and helping cut the yard...

Ceasing all of that for some amorphous future benefit--hell, if it hurts ANY LESS than it did before the surgery then that's a plus. And we already have that so ... yeah, let's keep moving forward at our pace and the post-op period will work itself out. I see no need for additional OT in the future with this thumb.

Not too bad, eh ?~! Swelling's going down quickly. 
And that lumpiest, bumpiest, impinging-est bone is gone.

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