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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Winnowing the Clothing Pile

My home, which I share with Ormond and a raft of part-time Littles, is less than 600 square feet. Total. In four rooms-living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath.

The home comes with two hanging closets, one linen closet, and a few kitchen cabinets built into the corner. The rest of the house furnishings we accumulate over the fifteen years since we moved in.

Well, clothes seem to multiply in the dark; hangers also. When hubby said to me a couple days ago, "You've filled both closets and I can't find my jacket when I need it", I decided to fill a few bags for Goodwill. Three from the two closets and one additional from my drawers. Atta Grrl. I also found twelve empty matching hangers and bound them with tie wraps and off they went to a new closet somewhere else !~!

Space on the upper shelves is New and exciting. Wonder if we can keep some empty spaces for a while.

At present I have no sewing area set up, so that's a bit of an uproar trying to locate what I need at the correct moment but perhaps now that I have the impetus, I'll get that straightened out as well...

I want to learn to spin yarn so need to get organized for that new adventure.

Happy August, readers. School starts up soon again and the schedule will fill up with after school fun and the baby walking.

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  1. Having the things very well goes very well! surely you will find your space to sew. Happiness does not give her a big house, happiness gives her the love of the family and friends that love you. A big hug, Lynda!