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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Piper Doodles !~!

Piper turned nine over the weekend. I know, I'm having as hard a time believing it as you are !~!

Erica, Piper's Dutch Oma and my dear friend, arrived a week or two back for another of her summer visits. We have so much fun when she is here: thrift store shopping, walks in the woods, crafting with the Littles, discussing the world... sneaking off for a smoke.

The collapsible chair that Oma and I found thrifting-perfect for Piper's bedroom which needed a comfy place to sit and read.
Happy Birthday Doodles !~!

Erica hikes in the woods near the house.

The birthday party attendees the morning after in front of the tv.

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  1. Happy Birthday for this lovely girl! and a big hug for you, Lynda!