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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For My Beloved Sisters so Far Away

Unable to be part of their everyday lives, I make stuff that Karen and Phyllis use, see, touch so they are reminded that I am always close by.

Sending small items proves most practical from several standpoints so I  make lightweight cloth pieces, either to hang from the walls, cover the windows, or lay on their desk. Pot holder, trivet, mug rug... such possibilities. It's cool that I can send them stuff so they know that I am thinking of them.

Photos anyone ?~!

Karen's desk set under construction: here's the mug rug cut from "made" fabric.

The armrest measures six by twelve inches using the same fabric.
Padding is a double layer of polyester batting.
Tying it together went very quickly.

Completed with binding in place.
Six by six inches - mug rug.
Six by twelve inches - arm rest.
Much loved by Karen; she received it.
* * * 

Phyllis's 10 by 10 inch potholder/trivet. The binding is the ever-popular star fabric that I buy by the yard and use in lots of different stuff.
The sparkly silver stars are so fun--what's not to love ?~!

* * *

Oh, this ?~! Making small talk with an iguana?
It's what passes for fun in the Florida Keys.

waving at Pat and Iggy from the land of bears and coyote

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  1. I love you and the potholder is beautiful as are Karen's things you made. You are such a thoughtful, considerate and loving sister to me and Karen. What in the world would I do without the two of you? I know... live a terribly lonely life. Big hugs across the miles coming your way. :)

    1. Still waiting on the pony express up here. Nothing so far. Sigh.....

  2. It is great to have handmade items from a loved one. And I am totally with you on the star fabric - what's not to love?

  3. Wishing I was a long lost sister! Handmade with love is the best :)

    1. Kimmie... there's only the two of us. We can't share Lynda. Sorry. LOL

  4. What a beautiful way to send a hug across the miles. I love the look of the binding. I have a bit of sparkly stars in my stash that I pull out when I need a little zing.

  5. What a wonderful way to keep your sisters close to your heart and you to theirs.