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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ideas, creations, projects, friends...

Recently begun sewing with a mission that drives me into the early morning hours some nights. The need for a place to talk about these undertakings arose when the captioning in Flickr provided too little space for details and so I create LyndaLand with the intention of putting it all here.

Anthony Michael and Madison Isabella are my grandchildren, they live in OK with their mom, Cathi and dad Adam.

Ormond and I hike to the ocean-here in Tennessee Valley, a three mile hike to a beautiful black sand beach with rogue waves and stunning rock formations. The water's unpredictability requires firm diligence and attention to the movement of the breakers every minute. So worth the nearly level hike that we've done it numerous times and will do it again before we are too old and feeble.
I hope.

Iris's smile brings such poignant reflections. Is it like this for all parents? The wondering:  was what we did enough, or correctly delivered, or appropriately applied... ?~!

CatCat adopted us shortly after we moved in Dec 2002. She has been an aloof yet endearing member of the household.

Bean Hollow's staircase up to the roadway; the pebble beach holds delight in every square inch for me. My brain waves settle right down here among the rocks and the sea.

Overcoming fear after being bitten at eleven years old has been a long and sometimes tortuous path. Improvement, tho, evidences itself in this picture from
Lucas Valley Road in Marin County CA. (ca. 2004?)

Half Dome in Yosemite Valley brings me to my knees in wonder and reverence.

Some of my recent fabric creations:
Diagonals-the first one with this style Log Cabin blocks.

Diamonds in the Corners
I took off the outer border; she looks much more finished with the navy being the outermost.

Mountain Steps combines Log Cabin lights and darks and another block called Courthouse Steps runs down the center, hence the name. This hangs in the living room window over Ormond's desk looking out into the street for all to see.

 A potholder or mug rug with a musical binding measures about seven inches square.

Enough for tonight. Time to sew some more of my luscious blocks. 
I am working on a three by three using sashing for the first time.



  1. YEE HAW! Finally she blogs!
    Love the pictures.... now let's see more!
    Good luck with this endeavor and yes I will keep your secret.

  2. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The secret was.... OO didn't know about her blog. Did she answer you and am I stepping on toes here?

  3. OK, Now Inquiring minds want to know???? "Does he still not know about the blog" And why is it a secret? I would think he would be so proud of you for taking on such an endevour into the the Blog world. You are such a good writer and as I have told you for the past 30+ years, lets get a book into the works. At least your creative writing needs are being met with your Blog, WTG my Baby Sister.