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Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Sashing Experiment & Quilt-ains

This small lap quilt is my first try at sashing-the solid color striping between the blocks. I really like how this style of setting allows each block to show itself in a special way that is lost when the blocks are snuggled right up to one another.

The backing and binding are a sheet that Cathleen brought to us a few days ago during her visit. There were two pieces already cut that fit Exactly !~! How does that happen, she asks the Universe. Final size is about 40 inches square.

The weekend was quiet and productive; I have built another three dozen blocks. I plan to make "Quilt-ains" for the two windows in Phyllis's computer space in her home in Jasper Ontario. When I showed Mark the one in our living room window he exclaimed, "It looks just like stained glass !" That's it !~! That's exactly what I think too. So I will build some window covers for their place and we will all have the same look together thousands of miles apart...

Here's the one in my living room.

The kitchen windows with their Quilt-ains.
That wall color is Behr Crystal Waters-pretty, isn't it?
I love water colors.

What are your favorite colors to surround yourself with ?~! I like to have sky and water colors on the walls and ceilings while the floors feel best either green, brown, or slate. Like the natural earth, I need and want my environment to feel as tho I am outside near water.


  1. You are too good to me. I can't wait to put these Quilt-ains up in the computer room. Thank you my sister and friend.

    1. For you, anything... Your battle with BraCa has astounded and amazed me while reaffirming your earlier strengths in my eyes. Nothing I do can compare with your fortitude and tenacity. Love you always.

    2. As I sit here trying to recoup after this last week's battle with the flu... all I want to do is reach across the miles to hug you.

    3. I'd hug you til the flu ran off in shock and surprise.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Barb. If I use NO batting and just a thin white sheet for backing, the sun comes through so beautifully in the day time and the interior light shines thru at night-It's a Win-Win. Ormond just thought these were the coolest thing he'd ever seen and immediately took to measuring our windows for their covers. So far, kitchen and half living room done.