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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Found: Closet Floor

Appears to be in reliable shape; vacuum unable to suck up anything larger than that clangy-bangy whatever-it-was-will-fall-out-soon so hey !~! What's to worry piece we ran over an hour or so ago ...

It's eighty degrees F (27 C) today and so it must be October. My first trip out here in Oct '99 was hot and mildly humid and breezy for four solid days. Coming from thirty years in south FL I gathered, erroneously in retrospect, that it had been like this since mid-April or so and immediately decided that it would be just fine to live here. I wouldn't freeze with this much great summer weather.

So I moved the following March, guessing that old man winter had had enough time to trundle on down that old high-way.

Yeah, right.
My summers for my entire adult life had overflowed with sunburn and sandy waves and heat long into the night.
A few short months later at the 2000 Fourth of July BBQ at the Unitarian Fellowship of Universalists in Berkeley, when queried as to the whereabouts of the "burger" buns I replied with, "On the table behind the lady in the green parka." 

What ?~! moved my entire life...
Where ?~! to NoCal; SF Bay Area specifically
and most importantly:
Why ?~! Multi-Culturalism. I truly was astounded to see lots (or for that matter--Any)  tv commercials with "other than WASPs" as principal characters. 

The weather took, and still takes, thought, pre-planning and the determination to do it anyway and yet I am happier here than I ever was there now that I have taken over a decade to assimilate and internalize it all.

Are you happy where you have chosen to live? Will you move again if the opportunity comes up? What drove your last location change, if you've ever  made one and if not, why not do you think ?~!
Curiosity drives me today.


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