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Friday, October 26, 2012

One "Quilt-Ain" Finished for Phyllis

One of Two Completed This Week

Despite having the aforementioned two-year old keeping us company three days this week, I completed one of Phyllis' Quilt-Ains for her computer room window. I am very pleased with how well the backing and the flimsy married up to each other and slid in place perfectly while I top-stitched.

Want to see it?

Fifty by fifty inches, backed & top-stitched for a Finish.

Phyllis loves sashing-giving each block its own chance to show off its design and colors effectively. The other window's cover will follow this same idea with sashing around each and every block. Still swirling in my mind are what the blocks themselves will look like. One of the most fun parts of block generation lies in getting to choose which color follows Each. And. Every. Time. Between seventeen and twenty-one times per block. Heady !~!

❧  ❧  ❧

As an adjunct, I completed another five by five square:
Multi-block components enclosed by thin brown sashing make this one my favorite so far.
There are five sections: a 2-block, a 4-block, a 5-block, a six and an eight.
Can you see them?

So a double finish this week with the weekend to look forward to. A farewell party tomorrow for a long-time Philosophy Circle organizer moving back east will celebrate Aldo Borromei.