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Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Commission

Yay !~! My first commission arrived safely and is dearly loved by her new owner.

Meet Abby's Nautical Indigo:

Under construction
Close up of the mermaids-too cute !~!

Clipper ship and the sailor girls.

This indigo shibori made its way here via my neighbor, Kathy Rehak, who found it in a thrift store in our beautiful city, San Francisco, at a 'steal-me' price. She gifted me and Abby inherited it as the perfect quilt back. Remembering that indigo is Abby's favorite color, it seemed prophetic that this gorgeous piece should appear just as I needed a backing for her.

CatCat loves it too.
Completed and ready to ship to its new home in the Tropics. 
Happy warmth, Abby, I hope you love it for a very long time. Remember there's a lifetime repair warranty too; should anything happen we'll work together to fix it.

Edit: I have entered this in Creative Friday.  Stop by and see all the amazing items wonderfully ingenious people are proud to show.

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