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Monday, October 15, 2012

Illness struck again

For the third time in just under a year, I have been struck with a "gut ache" that involves an awful lot of pain and nausea. We made it thru this time with no ER but it was a rough ride.

Reaction to flu shot has been implicated altho the week began with two unfamiliar toddlers and nine hours of their germs Monday. Wednesday I awakened with a sore throat and by Thursday was laryngitic. At my doc appt Thurs morning, despite my compromised health, she insisted on a yearly flu shot. By Thursday night I was in the throes of a flu episode with the accompanying symptoms. Not a pretty sight.

It took until Sunday morning before I could do more than walk ten feet to the potty and back again to the bed where I'd fall into a shivering, moaning bundle of shakes until the CBDs and pain meds took effect and sent me back to sleep for another 90 minutes or so to begin the cycle anew. Flu shots will be seriously considered in the future before blithely agreeing to such a nasty possibility.

This is Oakland some years ago in the midst of an outbreak.
thanks, Google images

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