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Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Workspace

From Kitchen to Sewing Center

When I began quilt-making/sewing/fabric art a couple months back, I set up on the small round table in the kitchen. We eat at our desks in the living room so the table wanted a chore to do-I can oblige...
Previous machine-Brother CE4000-gave up ghost and was replaced by Singers: 4411 and 2277. Simple and solid, they have both worked well in the last couple months.

As my efforts got more involved the space I needed grew and soon I was taking up most of the counter space and all the available floor. Well, as the chief cook and bottle washer, Ormond felt pushed right out of his kitchen. True, dat.

Iris realized that the space configuration contributed to the physical problems I am having. We rearranged the kitchen and Ormond designed and built an L-shaped counter top thirty inches deep on the long side.
Getting there.... Under the auspices of the Tiki de Duke, which guards my home.

The hanging rack which Ormond built a few weeks ago has become a wall piece hinged for easy loading.
With the new arrangement, I have more space to iron, cut, sort, fold, create, recreate, tear apart, put back together, design... Ergonomically.

Many thanks to my husband of nearly thirty years. 
His skills make my life easier in many many ways.