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Monday, November 5, 2012

Phyllis's Second Flimsy Finished Yay !~!


Modified Drunkard's Walk: many layers of painters tape create an edge up against which runs fabric to maintain uniform seam allowance. Sounds good in theory-what's with my inability ~!! Ah well, perfection's not the point, having fun is and I am so - off we go.

Strips wait their turn.

First row of strips in place on some of the blocks. 

New workspace - ironing board cloth atop two layers of already quilted fabric makes soft surface for my forearms and the iron can be used anywhere the cutting mats aren't !~!

After some time spend actually planning this one out ahead (usual mode = improv all the way) I enjoyed watching the blocks generate themselves. Truly that's how it feels. And then to complete the sashing last night too was a Finish I wasn't expecting.

Lotsa love tied into this piece.
Memories, old and recent, captured.


  1. Oh my god.... they are beautiful. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes as I behold the love you have created and shared with me. You are so wonderful. I love you my little sister.

  2. No crying, my sweet friend, I love you and this is how I am able to show you that love being so damn far away.

  3. I hate being this far away from my family, my support and the loves of my life. But, thru the internet and Skype.... it's not all bad anymore.

  4. Second posting for the oldest Sister of this group. I am reminded at just how lucky the three of us are to have each other, even spread across the states and Canada.
    I am the oldest approaching 61 this month, living here in Sunny South Florida. Phyllis a few years younger my Sweet Pea as I call her lives in Canada. And the Baby Girl Lynda out in Northern California. But no matter how far apart we are we are together always.
    I am also reminded how in the 80's my baby sister Lynda took me by the scruff of the neck and with Phyllis bringing up the rear drug me into the 21st century by introducing me to phones that were no longer hooked to a wall. In the 90's she gave me my first computer again making me see that if I don't get on board I was going to be left in the dark ages. Phyllis always the level headed of the three of us and one of the strongest most brave of us all struggles today with Cancer, she fought it tooth and nail, chemo, radiation and yet always a smile on her face and a kind word for me when needed. This year I have depended on both my sisters as I lost my husband to Cancer. Lynda on the phone with me daily with words of encouragement as I took care of and watched the love of my life pass away. Phyllis as she battled her own Cancer there with information that I needed about this deadly disease. I truley am blessed to have the two best sisters in the world in my life. I just want to thank you both for loving me and I wanted you both to know how much I love you.

  5. My Precious Sister, you are a rare and wonderful being and I have been a different woman with you in my life as a grounding force and a soul mate. May the fun never end.