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Monday, November 12, 2012

Process... as per Cheyenne's Request

By special request:

My niece, Cheyenne, asked how I make pillows, expressing that they might make good Holiday gifts. I say, "They're Great Gifts anytime !~!"

So in the interest of spreading around what I know,
let's do a little pillow-building post here.

First, pick the fabrics you want to use in your project. Ideas can come from many places-nature scenes like sunsets provide beautiful combinations of colors that we can copy with our yarn picks; we can ask our recipients what they like or what will match the decor of their house or the room the pillow is designated for; close our eyes and pick some pretty ones; consult color theory or wheel. Try this fun toy. Fabric dyers have already done the homework and produce palettes that blow my doors off. I use all kinds of colors and patterns and solids in my stuff. I know no names of designers only what pleases my eyes and makes my heart go pitty-pat. You follow your heart.

After the fabric pull comes the basic design-I'm figuring that for an eighteen inch square pillow with nice borders I'll need a four-square patch for both front and back. So.. eight/eight and a half-inch squares with sashing and/or borders.

Traditionally the center square is red. I have used many different colors for my center squares over the last few months and have loved the look. My favorite throw, on my lap as I type, has several different center squares and the design interpretation depends on them.

Cutting station. Self-healing mats, rotary cutter, plastic rulers with markings.

Modified Drunkard's Walk to help maintain a straight seam.
Layers of painters' tape.
Blocks begin to take shape.

Growing blocks.
That's all for today. I will add the next post as I get further along in the process.

Cheyenne, Auntie Loves You.

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