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Monday, April 7, 2014

Warm Neck Again

Few places on my body suffer the cold as much as my neck. I love cowls. Mobius cowls are my absolute favorite. So I made another one. Of seafoam and purple silk/bamboo and a smidgen of variegated superwash merino to hold the shape. It's warm enough to help keep me comfortable without being hot or scratchy. A double Win !~!

(edit April 18, 2014) So far, it's holding its shape. I blocked it by pinning to a damp towel and then covering with another damp tea towel and letting air dry for a few days. The warmth and softness are remarkable.

Baby Boy Meets VroomVroom

Power Tools for Everyone !~!


  1. What beautiful colours and how you mixed them together in the cowl. Wow! Gorgeous.
    It does indeed look warm, soft and cuddly.

  2. I love the cowl and the color combination is so gorgeous. After I finish crocheting my monster afghan I hope to make cowls for gifts for this coming Christmas! Yes, I have a plan. :o)