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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jak Visits and a Phone Call Refreshes

A Dog Visited for the Week

When Jak's family travels, he comes to stay with us. We were lucky earlier this month to have his company while the rest of the gang took a few days to play. He's a Taiwanese Mountain Dog rescued from the island some years back and brought to America by a rescue organization. I'm sorry I don't know the name of the group. An agency who does this kind of good work is AHAN. Another of our friends adopted this same breed of dog thru AHAN and they have been very happy with him, too.

What'cha lookin' at, Jak ?~!

Phone Call from Hailstorm Country

What fresh hell is this, she must have asked as the hail stones pelted the tin roof of the gardening shed. It's mid-April !~! It's daffodils and tulips and seedling time.

The phone call refreshed me even if it was cut short by the phone battery dying.

I love you, my faraway sister.


  1. We woke up to snow this morning.
    Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to lift your spirits and change your whole day.