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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy CATerday !~!

It was a quiet week here in LyndaLand. Baby's off "Back East" to meet his grandparents so we only had his pets to look after. Jak, the Dog you met earlier this week and Jak's familiar, Bugs, a solid black kitty with a sweet temperament and a great purr. I wish I had a pic of Bugs to show you but his Royal Blackness doesn't photograph well (or I can't photograph him well) so I will grab a generic black kitty for demo purposes:

This looks just like Bugs. Handsome, sleek, talkative and sweet as my CatCats.
Everyone is home now in their old loved spots on the couch and under the window. It's a fun time when they are here shaking up our routine in the sweetest possible way.

Happy Easter Weekend. Be Safe.

The view out my front door. Luscious, isn't it ?~!


  1. Just past the daffodils, there are still tiny mounds of snow hiding under some of the trees in our woods. It must be wonderful to gaze out first thing in the morning and see all of the lush greenery. I'm jealous of your palm tree.

  2. You guys have created a beautiful vista. Even as small a plot as that is, it's perfection in form and colour.