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Friday, April 18, 2014

Needle and Thread Thursday-Scrappy Blocks Highlighted

This small lap quilt quickly became a favorite when I finished hand-quilting it.
It hangs over the back of my chair for when I need a bit of extra warmth.
Love it most for the eye candy.

Isn't that orange with beige feathers just the prettiest !~
And Hello Aqua !~!  with small circles...
and honeycomb pattern too.
Ellies in the top left and sailboats under the date;
green batik nudges red mushrooms.
I love these scrappy log cabins.

A gift quilt for my Favorite Teacher in all the Land.

Abby's Nautical Indigo

My original CatCat napped atop each current project.

My dear Neighbor/Friend found this piece of Shibori
in a thrift store in the City (SF).

I love how my window coverings photobomb. 
Scrappy Log Cabins R Us !~! 

The urge to create more scrappy blocks percolates in me. Every day I feel it more and more. There were nearly one hundred blocks in this last cycle and I love every one of them. I see new combinations coming alive in my mind's eye-it's hazel with gold flecks, that eye !~!

Have a lovely weekend. 
Be safe.
Happy Spring, let no more snow fall here nor there...
(I'm looking at you, Smith Falls, Ontario!!)

☼          ☼


  1. OMG those quilts are so gorgeous Lynda! I've never done any real of these days I want to give it a try...can't wait to see what's in your minds eye! xo

  2. Scrappy quilts are my favorite. I love nautical prints so the last quilt is my favorite. Do you make adjustments to the process for quilts you plan to use as window coverings?

    You do such beautiful colour combos. They just stagger my mind. I am going to be making mine into roman shades yet. I want them with me forever. They are so absolutely gorgeous when the sun shines thru them. I sit stunned when I look at the love in colours glowing thru my windows. Because they are LOVE from my sister so far away.

  4. I love those scrappy log cabins too! And I'm intrigued by your photo bombing window coverings - do you just hang your quilts in front of the window? Or have you made them as curtains/blinds somehow? And either way do you stick with the usual 3 layers or change that for a slightly thinner, drapier feel?