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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Elephants in Various Mediums

Elephants fascinate me and I often see one that intrigues me and so I pick it up. Living in a very small house means we must choose our knick-knacks with care or they just get boxed up in a closet (we have only two closets so that's a self-limiting issue). I have seen stunning elephants over the years portrayed in every conceivable medium. Fabric, wood, stone... I used most of the yard of elephant fabric for my current front door cover and with the remaining strip I was able to cover a pillow which the Burpster had just torn.

Good Intentions Thwarted

My most valuable elephant was carved by a young craftsman in Africa (sorry I do not have any further info about where on the continent) and purchased from Spirits in Stone in Sausalito many years ago. Ormond and I wandered about the store, gazing in awe at the amazing work that is done in this incredibly versatile medium. A salesperson approached us and said, "You may touch them." That was it !~! I saw a particularly interestingly shaped one and when I picked it up, it fit perfectly into my hand. I would have made it out of the store without buying until the stone warmed in my hand and seemed to mold to fit me. Only me. A strangely heady feeling.

Linking up with Amanda today on Crazy Mom Quilts and all her fabulous Finish Friends. Check some of the links others leave there is stunning workmanship to be found by clicking a link.

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  1. You write about such interesting things in your blogs. Things I don't know about you due to the schism ( <--love that word) in our relationship for those years we were apart. I am learning more and more about you here on your blog. Love you my beautiful sister. Wish I could be there to hug you!