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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Purple Blocks in Progress...

I started working on this piece one night last week when I was unable to sleep. I have no  idea where it is going or who will be the recipient... I work a lot like that - idea, execution, deciding who to give it to... These colors will definitely make their desires known to me soon enough.

Ideas of which fabrics may come into play are on the left of the photo....

The beginning a week or so ago.

Here's where we are this morning.

I'm linking up with Richard & Tanya - they have the cutest quilts (and kids) and both are supremely talented.
Linking up with Linda at Natural Suburbia. Her blog is exceptionally creative and she does incredible things with yarn !~!
Sarah at My Quilt Infatuation's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop Weight Off's readers share great links to explore at her weekly party. I love the quilt in her blog header and hope to emulate it someday.

The most difficult part of this weekend will be NOT using those 'nanas for bread Again for the third time this week. How, or is the question Why, does a loaf of  banana bread disappear at the speed of a comet dragging its tail thru space !~! Nom, nom, nom... Is it socially acceptable to lick the crumbs ?~!


  1. Love the purples and blues together. Your most outside border....along side the solid blue... what is the print? I know the next border is baskets of flowers But, can't quite make out that one. .

  2. OK, LOL now!! I had just commented on your post about the finish of this quilt then saw the "in progress" post title --- now I see another familiar fabric "face" in the closeup shot. The basket fabric is from Debbie Beaves "Gathering Garden" line, fabrics I also used for another gift. Your project is taking me down memory lane. It's always fun to see how other quilters put the same fabrics to use!