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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tool User Develops Skills

Few activities in life compare with teaching Littles about the world. My heart is so deeply involved with Littles that trying to tease apart my income stream from my love of them proves problematic. So now I do what I love and my sleep is sweet and pure. I rest without dreams and even my hips are behaving themselves, altho I may have just jinxed that !~!

 Burp's at the age where he wants and needs to do most everything we do: dishes, raking, keeping the dirt on the floor under control. Few activities escape his notice and for the first time yesterday, he grabbed my  hand and led me to the kitchen to show me what he was doing without any vocalizing at all. He's not "led me" anywhere before this and it was a great moment in his development.

Could he be cuter ?~! I fail to see how.

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