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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Few Baby Boy Pics for the Weekend

Lego makes a great breakfast. Check my grip on my spoon, tho !~!

What's your dining pleasure ?~! The chef is in the House.

He's clapping cuz we're going outside.
I found a folded Sassy Ben in the pocket of his thrifted shirt !~!
I'm clapping about that...

Friday Morning Adventures


  1. Am I correct in assuming the folded Benjamin is a $100 bill?

  2. Yes, indeed, it was. My guess: someone gave it as a gift and tucked the money into the pocket. Gift Never Worn. Still had factory creases in it when I bought it for a buck thrifting in anticipation of exactly the kind of weather we were experiencing that day. It laid in my closet for over a year before Burp was big enough to wear it. Imagine my surprise when I put it on him one cold afternoon only to feel crinkly in pocket. OK-can you picture the Happy Dance I did a few short seconds later ?~!