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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Round-Up

Purple Blocks is finished except for the embroidery stitching I want to do before I send it to her. Her birthday is July 8th so I have a month or so to get it finished.

Linking up with My Quilt Infatuation's Needle and Thread Thursday.

Here are some progress shots:

Not sure how much more I will do but I've ordered some good needles that won't tear up my fingers like the ones I am now using are doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Ordered a 20-strip jelly roll of solid pastels for Karen's quilt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Got nudged by Montsho about her quilt too. I need to get it together with this one. I promised her an African themed half-size to adorn the foot of her lovely bed. Now she has been married and I still must get it started. Come on idea-machine, do  your stuff !~!

Montsho owns two businesses: Divine Touch, and she is the nutrition consultant and massage therapist with hands from deep in the earth's memory of how we are supposed to feel and function. I receive from a session with Montsho blessings in my body, my heart and my spirit. I am enlightened, enlivened and enriched by her tender and knowingly firm manipulations and generous outpouring of genuine love and care for those under her care. I have been a loyal client for over a decade and it is to Montsho I consistently return for care I can get nowhere else.

She is also co-owner in a lovely shop, Essence Unlimited in East Oakland, that sells delectably scented soaps, lotions, oils and all that fun stuff. She and her son, Santiago Bryant, are having a great time with their newest endeavor. Stop by 3340 East 12th Street, suite 16, in Oakland and welcome them to the business world with a purchase to help them get their feet under themselves.

  • Montsho and her amazingly gorgeous smile that burns deeply inside her soul.
    Gentle, loving, compassionate-would that the world be comprised of people like 'Sho,
    what a different place it would be. I'd vote for her for Mayor of Everything !~!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I ordered a book, Super Quick Colorful Quilts, with simple patterns that show off your chosen fabrics with large cuts and so I look forward to that. I purchase fabric for the patterns or pictures or depictions on it. The thought of cutting it into unrecognizable pieces leaves me cold so I create designs that showcase the fabrics. Straight lines, square corners, large slabs or stripes with accents of small solid strips intermingled are the major design elements in my work at this stage of my life.

So I am off to the sewing machine, ironing board, and rotary cutter. Ideas aswirl, fingers feeling good. Slept for about nine hours and that always helps with my internal ability to create satisfactorily. Sleep continues to be my most restorative self-care; and the easiest to give myself so I have NO reason not to do just that.

Be safe this weekend. Don't drink and drive. Cook your meat, if you must eat it at all, well done and save the e coli for another day.

Thanks for stopping by; I know there are lots and lots of blogs, I am but one in a sea. Thanks for bobbing by and stepping ashore for a brief visit.


  1. Oh, cute, cute, cute. Love that embroidery touch. The needles, that's a tough one when you're going through so many layers. I have these little rubber disks that help me get a better grip on the needle so that it pulls through easier than with my slippery fingers. Some nice tight fitting the rubber garden gloves...could do the same thing. Or just cut some rubber disks from something. I actually purchased mine at Jo-Ann, but I don't recall who makes them.

  2. The purples are lovely! Good luck on your search for a quilt for your wonderful friend! Best wishes on her business!