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Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Pillow-All From Stash

My first try at cornerstones.
Without instructions !~!

Envelope back out of thin-wale corduroy in navy and gray.
Stuffed toys are for size comparison.
and cuz I've never outgrown my need for soft toys...

Finished at 22 inches square (56 cm)

And back to Frankie's blankie !~!
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  1. Okay.... don't know what's wrong with comments posting portion of your blog.... I have in the past 2 weeks written (more than once) a comment to post and then it disappears. DAMN!
    Anyway... I said I liked the red corners. And, some of the material reminded me of the quilts you made me. Then also said.... how I was going to take them to a seamstress and have them made into roman shades. For my bedroom so I could see them last thing at night and first thing in the morning and that would remind of you. You are my sweet and talented sister. Who I love with my whole heart and soul. :-)
    Ok, here we go..... let's see if this posts.

  2. Ooops.... remind ME of you.
    And, it worked.

  3. Such a fun and colorful pillow and you know I LOVE the corduroy back. My niece just had a baby, Frankie! :o)

  4. Welcome Lynda to Show and Tell,monday!!You have a wonderful Log cabin pillows today for INSPIRING us!Thanks for sharing!Hugs Bambi

  5. The pillow is really nice and colorful.

  6. Lots of nice fabrics in your Lovely pillow. I love log cabin.