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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weaving is Going Great...

Driftwood from Merced River Makes its Appearance

Tonight I wove two pieces of driftwood from Yosemite National Park's Merced River into my piece and I love it. Wove in also a dozen of my favorite fabric strips from my rack. Those two additions made it a much better piece. Feels more organic, more original, more Lynda-like in every way.

Wood #1

Wood #2

My bench and my Bowl that I made a couple weeks ago-fabric covered clothesline, glue-gunned into shape. One handle wrapped with pink embroidery thread. Graham crackers, scissors and a multitude of shuttles rest atop the pattern book which I never even opened.

Fabric strips woven directly into the warp.

Got lots done tonight; I was feeling very creative when I chose the fabric strips.

The treadles of my loom-they raise the heddles to create the shed
 where the shuttle goes thru.

The heddles and the rest of the warp.
I'm nearly finished with this part of the process !~!

Littles have been Everywhere these Last Couple Weeks

Not a weekday has gone by that we have not had a Little here, or two some days. They're delightful to have around; they brighten the place immeasurably and keep us young in spirit and limber in body. I love them every one.

Piper and Ginger spent Sunday with us. We had so many adventures: Playground, swinging, picnicking, creating fabric art, eating, watching She-Ra Princess of Power, reading, talking about school and upcoming birthdays.

Piper models her fabric sculpture proclaiming it a Wig, for now !~!

Everyone loves fabric strips, don't they ?~!

Who is this She-Ra character with a brother whose abs make me swoon ?~!

Wyatt sits firmly now and can get himself in and out of most positions unassisted.

Not quite crawling but it's Locomotion and he's getting places !~!
He snuggles and rubs his face on my cashmere; I love a baby with taste. He wants to be involved in everything and gets around this hard wood floor so quickly that come late August when he returns full-time we will be hopping. Remember when all he did was lay in my arms and smile and barf ? Those days are gone...


  1. Your weaving project is amazing. I love the way you worked the driftwood into the weave.
    It looks like you'll be going to bed extra early in August once the Sweetheart returns full time.

  2. Oh my yes, early to bed when 730 is "get rolling" time. I'm headed that way now with an eight o'clock job in the morning tomorrow. A new Little same age as Sweetheart only a girl !~!

    Thanks about the weaving; I am having so much fun letting it tell me what it wants to be !~!

  3. The weaving does look great! I want to take that class next summer. I bet the rhythm is relaxing.

  4. I love the mixtures of materials into your weaving. The driftwood is perfect with the ocean blue yarn.

  5. The weaving reminds me of art class in my senior year. We did a little of everything that year. We wove different things into our projects, it was river stones for me. Wonder where that piece ended up? Really like the wood and fabric you wove into yours.

    And, the littles.... I miss them all.

    But, a pissy assed mood surrounds me and I don't want to inflict my rotten self on anyone right now.

    I love you work Mama Cita. Keep posting pictures for all to enjoy.

  6. Thanks, my friends, I am so enjoying this course of weaving that I plan to go on and take it again next semester and do another project. What, you may ask ?~! It will tell me what it wants to be, truly I don't need another scarf !~!

  7. Hi Sweetie...Gee, that weaving looks so involved, but you seem to have mastered it beautifully! I didn't know that you could weave in things like driftwood...I love it, and your bowl too! - You are so dedicated to those little tykes. They must love you to pieces, Lynda.

    Those five years went fast. I can't believe my dad is gone that long either. Seems like yesterday. A big hug to you, dear friend. xoxo

  8. I love the driftwood! I think I could really enjoy weaving...I imagine it to be quite meditative. And who doesn't love good baby pics? Thanks for the smile today.