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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This evening's weaving class was the one in which I actually laid the first rows of my project. Oh boy, it felt so cool.

The warp is a glorious green, bordering on teal. It's mercerized cotton and has a sheen that glimmers in the fluorescent lights of the Richmond Art Center. I hope it looks as good in sunlight. I'm starting with green wool stranded with mixed color thin yarn and we'll see what happens. Enjoying it immensely.

The color moves me.
Hello Loom, did you miss me over the weekend ?~!

Teacher Stacey (in red) explains to another student some finer points of loom work. 

A little weaving for when school is Out ~!~!


  1. Beautiful, Lynda. A friend of mine is a weaver. She has a loom, but it's not set up. Your green is lovely.

  2. That green really does shimmer under the light. The bottom piece with the fabric doesn't have many warp strings. Will you have to do something to it to keep the strips together?

  3. What a pretty colour. I can tell how excited you are about your weaving. Good luck with it.