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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Skill for a New Year

Weaving Caught my Eye

A few weeks ago, I went prowling the streets of Berkeley and found an artists' studio wherein two women shared space: one a painter, the other a weaver. I stopped, stood stock still and fell in love. My weaving class starts in less than four hours. Happy Birthday to me.

I have pinned nearly one hundred pins to my Weaving   board since this interest began and there seems to be no end in sight. Each day I find more pieces that draw me further into the world of warp, weft and warmth.

My bestie has shown me gorgeous items that her mother wove while she was still alive; I have gone through rack after rack at the second hand stores scouring for Linen and other woven fabrics. I want to touch each of them and bring them home to wrap about me while I sleep. I may never buy cotton again...

Other News-Littles Birthdays Approach too and So...

Piper will be five next month. She arrived in the wee hours in late July 2008. What an amazing little blessing she was to our entire courtyard. Flowers bloomed, trees thrust branches skyward in joy; we eagerly peeked out our windows for glimpses of her as she made her way safely in papa or mama's arms to and from their car. From the Netherlands came Oma as Piper neared her first birthday. Watching them bond brought such rejoicing and exhilaration; the six weeks was not nearly long enough. Oma's return home brought Piper into our little apartment three days a week just before she turned one and learned to walk. Here you can see Ormond gently holding her hand as she puts one foot in front of the other successfully. Soon she trotted and within a few months running took hold and we had to get creative about chasing her !~! She always minded us so beautifully and continues to be generous, compassionate and tidy...
Slowly and surely synapses closed.
She only needs one finger for balance in this pic.

At nearly five, she wants to wash her little car
before she drives it around the old stomping ground.
Tie-dye remains a favorite for all us hippies.

So I make quilts for them now that they are old enough to appreciate and enjoy the warmth and uniqueness of their special blankets. 

Piper chose the blocks and the colors; I played with layout.
Piper is first in the birthday parade of summer with a fifty by fifty inch number. I have finished the flimsy and washed the batting and backing. No problem finishing it in time, she says confidently.

Following right on the heels of Piper's special day comes Ginger's fourth birthday at the end of August. Her color choices have been in place for weeks: Red, pink, white, and purple. Here's what I have come up with for her.


  1. Happy Birthday! A weaving class sounds like a wonderful treat. I attended a mini weaving class at a Girl Scout Leader's conference years ago and bought a small cherry wood loom. It's squirreled away in the fabric closet. I probably couldn't make anything bigger than a place mat with it. Don't forget to post lots of pictures of your adventure. I've very jealous.
    Thank you for posting the lovely pictures of your little friends.

  2. So sweet. Enjoy your weaving class. I want to learn to weave some day!

  3. Thank you for posting on my blog. I thought I would come and be nosy over at yours and loved what I read. Good luck with the weaving - I can sense your excitement, and hopefully soon fulfilment too. It's something I've always wanted to do, but now, having reached 61, and having had things spelt out for me by my eldest daughter, I know it's not going to happen (and as she told me, "You don't have the patience mum!" So I shall stick to the tried and tested . . .

    I loved your quilts and reading about your family. What a poppet Piper is.