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Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Wrap-Up

Finished Project

May was an interesting month in the sewing section of LyndaLand. As much as I wanted to be spending lots of time at the machine life saw otherwise. This most important piece saw completion. I link up with Barbara's 2013 FO Challenge.

Lucia's Graduation Quilt
Lucia and I met when she was a wee baby and I went to work with her family. She now graduates from fifth grade at the best school I have ever had the pleasure of coming to know, Head Royce in Oakland. For this auspicious occasion, I made her a quilt. With purple and gold silk-screened fabric in two corners and my signature blocks in the other two, I created my 'four-blocks in four blocks' quilt that finished at about four feet by four feet. The backing is a soft and sweet pastel striped linen and silk that I thrifted a few weeks back at my favorite little joint in El Cerrito; with a piece of the extra I made her an infinity scarf to wear when she feels chilled. The purple fabric came from the Africa Store (cannot remember exact name or I'd link it, sorry) on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley when they sold their inventory at great prices so they could remodel back in 2001. I have a long piece of it between my living room and hall; I never tire of its subtle print and gorgeous color. Lucia loves purple too. You can see it best in the bottom picture.
Bringing the backing around to form binding.
Showing that magnificent backing.
Completed and ready to gift.
Lucia and I
hiking one afternoon in late 2009. 


  1. Yes indeed, Lucia is one lucky little girl. I too love the purple fabric. My daughter loves purple as well!

  2. Nice work, Lynda. Lucia is going to love this.

  3. Lucia was thrilled and fingered the stripes and backing and wore the scarf during dinner at the Lake Chalet on Lake Merritt in Oakland. During the meal when she got chilled she put the quilt around herself and snuggled in with a smile that makes it all worthwhile.

  4. What a sweet gift for a sweet little girl. Very pretty.

  5. What a beautiful gift set, Lynda! Your work is just lovely. I'm sure your quilt and scarf made Lucia feel like a truly special little girl! xo