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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Off the Loom...

Oh my Stars... (fiftieth post too-wow!)

I have pulled my first-ever woven piece off the loom and am finishing, slowly, the ends, with fringe, another new skill I have never tried !~!

Fabric strips woven into the bottom-last pieces before cutting off the loom-
Scary moment, that one with the sharp scissors !~!

The scary part-detaching it from the mother loom !~!

Fringe practice... the white weft is waste string put in to allow me room to make fringe without having to undo actual good yarn or fabric strips. Not sure what I will do as the final fringe-at this stage, it's still learning time.

Piper Celebrates Her Fifth Birthday with Us

She loves her birthday quilt and has spent some time wrapped in it. Thrilled to be the maker, I watch from afar as she drags it from pillar to post. I hope she adores it so much that it needs repairs twice a year for her entire childhood.

Happy Birthday, my precious young lady, may you continue to grow in the direction you are headed.

Happy Oma arrival too. SO glad she is here for a while from Holland to visit with us.

What a peaceful expression-I love this little one with all my heart. Photo taken by her mom with love in her heart that beams thru the picture.Thank you, Nicole.

Little Ones Share Food !~! One of my Favorite Sights

"Sandwich, hmmm. I can eat sandwich. I'm over eight months old and I have TWO teeth with which to chew that ham sandwich. Please, Piper, will you share..."

"Mmmmm, another bite of that, please !~!
Thanks, my friend, Piper.
Someday I will be big enough to share my sandwich with you and I will..."

May each step we take lead the way to Peace.


  1. Hi Lynda! I can see how it would be scary cutting all your lovely weaving off the loom! I think a fringe will look great. It's so interesting to watch your progress!...As always your little ones make me smile. The quilt you made for Piper is beautiful...and such a special gift! xo

    1. Thank you, Paulette, it was a neat experience and as the last cut was made and the loom piece dropped back, heads popped up all over the studio and appropriate noises came from near and far. It was Great !~!~ I learned so much every week this Summer.

      Cannot wait -- Fall term starts Tuesday evening Sept 10th. My new project already rests in the bag to go to class !~! More next post on details with pictures of the stunning silk yarn I will use for weft.

  2. I love your heart it always shines through in each and every blog post of yours.

  3. I can't wait to see the completed project. I can appreciate how scary cutting the cords must have been. The turquoise thread looks so beautiful, it makes me want to reach through the monitor and touch it.
    The look on his face is priceless. Who would have thought that a ham sandwich could invoke such a blissful stare. Piper's quilt is beautiful. No wonder she loves it.

  4. The kids are adorable and I love your weaving project. I would like to give that a try someday. Love the picture of Piper with her quilt!

  5. The picture of your little one with the quilt is just gorgeous! Picture perfect!!