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Friday, August 23, 2013

Changes are Afoot

A New School Year Begins

Ramping up for the beginning of full-time Burp; school starts Monday. He crawls all over the place.

Food-you betcha. Burp will taste it all-not really eating grown people food yet but definitely putting it in his mighty maw which has two very bright white bottom teeth. Sharp and painful when used on one's fingers. I bought a "feeding necklace" to wear while I give him a bottle trying to encourage him to keep his fingers out of my mouth while he eats. He's really really mouth-oriented right now. Your mouth, my mouth, the dog's mouth, his own mouth... He loves baby food and will put down a jar in short order. So far he has rejected nothing.

Sitting firmly, able to address another object and keep his seat.
He scrambles to get out of my lap and down and takes off across the kitchen floor like he's being chased, crawls back me and climbs my leg to be picked up only to clamber to get down moments later. I LOVE IT; more than ever.
Crawling out of the frame; someone needs a faster camera.

What a face, the wrinkly brow just cracks me up. 
Bye bye baby, come back soon, write when you get admitted to a good university !~! He babbles and yaks it up and plays with his toys all over the house. He has a dog and cat at home so enjoys CatCat and the pug across the yard that we walk at lunchtime every day.

Zinn loves fresh tomatoes and knows where to find them
in the garden behind the house...


I completed my summer session at 'Richmond Art Center' where I wove a six foot long wall hanging that has a shiny green warp (the up and down threads) that I let show its beauty in several places. Two pieces of Yosemite's Merced River driftwood found there way into the piece; fabric strips also came to play and it turned out really cool. You have to see it to appreciate it but it was so fun to make that I have already warped my yarn for the Fall session and am going to put it on the loom when session starts on Sept 10th. I have fallen hard for weaving: bought a Lap Loom and have made a few pieces on it since class ended. Picture, anyone ?~!

The top two-thirds of the piece with driftwood in place-still finishing work to do at this stage-you can see loose ends that needs weaving in and the like.
It hangs on my bedroom door and delights me every time I walk by it-which in my teeny house is regularly thruout the day-on my way to bath, into bedroom, to closet for jacket... I see it a lot and am pleased with it considering it is my first ever try on a loom bigger than I am !~! What do you think of it? 

Smaller lap loom pieces:   

This piece is made from kimono silk remnants in various shades and patterns of my second favorite color: Green.
Still on the lap loom.

The Celtic Knot pin adds interest.

* * * 
This piece is another off my small lap loom that I warped with two different materials: purple cotton fabric strip about half an inch wide and pale lavender yarn that Erica brought me from Holland a couple years ago that I have used judiciously. I added some unspun silk in the color range, an earring and a chain of jasper and silver beads. I am very pleased with how it resolved as I went in with a little idea and a lot of desire !~!
The purple piece really had no plan other than the dual warp. From there it went...

Birthday Girls Love Their New Quilts

Ginger celebrated her birthday and adores the quilts I made for her. Her big quilt got an immediate workout as she sprawled on the couch wrapped in it to watch a movie.
Warm and colorful-two requirements for a blanket in this climate.
She thinks it fits both categories so I am happy too.
The doll quilt tucked under the pillow created a hit too. I dig that she so appreciates handmade. Her grandma quilts and sews and creates too and so Ginger receives exposure to homemade love from lots of her people.

* * * 

May your Labor Day be safe and memorable. If you're going to the playa, be careful with that gloriously warm and bright sun,
and have a great time. 

I'll be watching on webcams.


  1. Looks like you have been having lots of fun. Your weaving is beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Barb, it has been fun. Busy and all that, yet lots of time to find enjoyment in the colors and the hugs.

  2. You're weaving IS beautiful...and so is your quilting! Your house does sound like a lot of fun, Lynda! Cute little pooch too! xo

  3. I'm just catching up on reading so my comments are a little behind. The little guy is really growing. Is the feeding necklace working? I had never heard of that before. It sounds like a good idea.
    The weaving looks wonderful. I particularly like the texture the driftwood gives it. The purple one is amazing. The unspun silk has a wonderful sheen and works well with the beads. How big is your lap loom? It sounds like a great way to make small pieces.
    The picture of Ginger wrapped in the new quilt is priceless. It's wonderful to see someone who appreciates the love you put into a quilt.