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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bye-bye Summer !~!

Summer Apple Wrap-up

Summer wanes, apples ripen, the tomatoes taste so sweet and rich warmed by the morning sun. The squash, zookies and kale never really took off. I've had a dozen or more lemon cukes and the apples couldn't taste better and still be legal !~! I've made a delicious crisp that we devoured in a day or two-we'll do that again once a week or so until the bounty expires. The out-of-handedness of fresh apples defies defining with mere words. I need symbols and loud noises and bright lights and skywriting with Sanskrit.

How many apples does it take to change a lightbulb ? 

Three dozen Galas walk into a bar...

There once was an apple from Kent,
Whose core seeds he never lent.
Until late one day,
Along his cobbled way
Came a pear; looked like it had a dent...

Yummy Gala apples have ripened to the best tasting in years. I am typing one-handed since the left is full of freshly-picked apple after apple that I cannot stop eating. Lucky us. We have so enjoyed the bounty of these trees.
Thank you Martha, Luigi, Lulu and Frankie-noodle.
Ormond helps with cutting and peeling-he's the Best Husband ever, Sorry all you unmarried seekers-I have taken the perfect mate off the market and you'll have to settle for what's left.

One of the three huge bowls of cooked apples now freezing for use later in the winter and spring while the trees ramp up for next harvest.


  1. Wondering why you cooked the apples? If you are going to be using for crisps, pies and such.... thinking double cooking (first for the freezing and then for the baking)is going to turn them into mush.

  2. You are right, learning more as I go thru this process. Why are you so damn far away? Some things are meant to be done in groups and I think this is one of them. Oh well, stumbling thru...

  3. Lynda, your apples look so fresh and delicious. I think I'm going to run down and pluck one out of my frig. All of a sudden I have a yen for a crisp apple after reading this yummy post! x

  4. I think you are right. You picked a prize when you found Ormond. Not many husbands would peel apples for you. I can't complain, mine helps all the time.