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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Throwback Thursday-Piper Retrospective

Piper's sister was in a live performance when Piper was quite small and we could hear Piper laughing all over the theater when she saw Charlie for the first time in costume.

Piper will be eight this summer. Where have those years gone ?~!


  1. Nice you have all these pictures to remind you of how much she has grown up in your care. Sweet.

  2. How adorable. The years certainly fly by, don't they.

  3. Phiddy, I have hundreds of pictures of these little ones. I do't dare post them all I'd lose my few readers to boredom !~!

    Gene, the years are going so fast I can't even believe it.

    The small pic in the sidebar is Piper just learning to walk holding Ormond's hand--that would be Summer 2009 that she began walking.