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Friday, May 6, 2016

Our Yard Blooms with Color and Scent

First fruits: blueberries and lemons and apple blossoms.

Photobombing CatCat 2.0 with the smaller blueberry bush.

Scout in the nectarine tree. Already small fruits abound.

(Pic of a pic) Burp with the Tonka we sent him for Easter.


  1. NIce. I am hoping the fig tree at mom's house is productive this year. I need to make a supply of preserves. I wish I had blueberry bushes.

  2. We lost 3 years ago all our blueberry bushes to a vole/mole. It systematically ate each bush. You could see the underground pathways the critter made going from one bush to the next. Ate all 15 bushes that winter. The little bastard. Your blueberries look spectacular. As do your fruit trees. Lucky bugger.