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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Few Pieces out for Sale

Ten days ago, I put six of my pieces out for public consumption-first time !~!

A small café, Aky's, near our refinery is owned by a kind and supportive woman who offered to let me put a few pieces into display bags with labels and prices and hang them on her tree of hooks.

I ordered from Vistaprint a packet of four different printed pieces: two-sided business cards, round stickers, rectangle stickers and one-sided 4x6 postcards. I put a postcard into the back side of each bag and a business card and one or two of the stickers on the front of each bag: the square one in the upper right hand corner with the price on it. I will go back this week and see if any have sold. 


  1. Wish the picture had been bigger. Or, the stickers themselves. Would love to see them close up. Good luck with the sales. I bet they are all long gone.

  2. That is a great packaging idea. What do they call the bundle of printed pieces you got? I couldn't find it on their site.