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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo

A large portion of why I am here instead of my beloved Tropics is cultural diversity. The Tropics, at least where I was, are a cultural wasteland and completely white bread, mostly Republican and retired. No Thanks.

Even the prospect of not swimming in the warmest salt water ever again wasn't enough after thirty years.

In light of that multiculturalism 

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  1. Ah but, then you forget the Keys. I loved the Keys and the Cuban heritage you could still feel was alive and well there. When I would go into work (a non-tourist trade)and some appreciative family had cooked a Cuban meal for the staff... how wonderful that was. Still to this day, I'll make black beans, yellow rice and fried plantains, thinking it just might be time now! But, will pass on the fried pork. Mark being mostly vegetarian, and me leaning more and more that way, we'll have to bypass the pork. Thanks for the reminder.