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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Arrived on Little Cat's Feet

and since we have no baby tomorrow this is the beginning of a three-day weekend. Woo Hoo. Sewing machine, get ready; rotary cutter are you sharp ?~! I cut and stitched and cut again Nine-Patch blocks for Disappearing Nine-Patch but I DO NOT like the way they turned out at all. Fabric I think is the prob. Hmmmm... The fabric patterns are not compatible, the layouts look weird to my untrained eye and the strip set I bought to go with the blocks doesn't seem to want to fit anywhere. Perhaps some pictures will help...

What do you think? Too many patterns for the piece? Do I need more solids and fewer prints?

Thinking time again....

Ormond Requests a Quilt for His Nights

My husband wants a quilt for his side of our bed. First time he has asked so I must put something together. I will use my blues and purples again and work with big blocks so I can see the patterns in their glory.

Frankie Graduates and Looks toward Uni

An ad on Craigslist in early Dec 2002 brought me to the family for whom I still occasionally look after the younger daughter and have coffee with the kids' mom. When I started Frankie was in first grade at Head Royce and Lucia was an infant. Frankie graduates high school Saturday; I couldn't be prouder to have been in her life this last decade plus. It took only a couple days for me to fall in love with both girls back then when they were adorbs. One just beginning to cut teeth, the other losing her baby chompers and talking funny.

We had all kinds of fun: ski weeks in Tahoe, horses to love and care for, Las Vegas for the weekend just us four girls, countless swims and soaks, walks and trampoline bounces, dogs and cats and chickens Oh my !~! On a very basic level Frankie and Lucia are as dear to me as if I had birthed them myself.

Saturday morning, June 7, 2014, Frankie dons her cap and gown and walks across the stage to receive her hard-earned diploma as Valedictorian; next stop Williams in western Mass. It has been an amazing experience watching her grow into womanhood before my eyes. She's creative and smart and compassionate and loving in her heart and in her soul. May she find all she seeks in her life and let each step she takes lead the way to Peace.

Both girls read and write voraciously for fun and school.

Lucia and Frankie in their new sweatshirts.

Have a great weekend, likely won't see you until next week altho one never really knows for sure, does one ?~!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend without the Bump. Good luck with the sewing. Just asking, do you have enough of the strips in solids you could use that around your patterned parts? I'm thinking that would be pretty but, would it be too pastel? Anywho... have fun sewing and don't sew your finger to the material. Okay? Love ya.