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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recommendation for Recovery Website

It's Loaded w Links

Although my recovery is solidly in place after thirty years, I know there are millions of us who need help along the way and it is with that intention, I link to this list of resources from Addictions and Recovery. I know that I am only one sniff away from "why i quit".

Here's how I know...

We sold a motorcycle in pieces to a bright young lady from southern France and helped her put it together and make it safe for her to drive these luscious roads for fun. As a thank you, she brought us Beef Bourguignon and a bottle of wine from her region. She poured three glasses and I brought mine up to toast, allowed it to touch my top lip and then nearly fell off my chair when every Alcoholic Neuron began firing in my brain and I began planning where I could "tell them" I was going while I actually went after more alcohol. I didn't even get the alcohol into my mouth and my brain went nutty-kooks on me. I wasn't planning to drink the toast - I find the taste is not to my liking so I don't yearn for it or miss it. But boy-howdy was I surprised by my reaction to the simple droplet.

I remember a talk with my own mother, who shares my alcoholic gene which she too conquered, wherein she explained to my adolescent self that some people couldn't even have a little bit of it during communion without it being a problem. In the instant described above I recalled the chat with mom with crystal clarity and sent out a silent "Thank you for that info !~!" to my mother who was still alive then. Later thanked her on the phone; we had one good conversation before the undialyzed fog took her ability to form thoughts. I still work on her obit for this blog. I lost it the other day in a power failure-dang, there should be an automatic back up, no? This is

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