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Friday, June 13, 2014

Karen's Flimsy Finished....

... Unless I decide it needs borders !~!

Out of my usual range of colors, I struggled for a while trying to make this work.
In the end I like it. I think the mauve consistency makes a statement. The distribution speaks to my need for a design wall. Aaaaaaand, it was supposed to be five blocks by eight blocks. When I set it up on my bed, I set it up as six by seven... I had an extra four blocks from my test piece and so I used two of them that were mixed into the pile from when I was playing with them last week. I didn't realize my mistake until well into the block-sewing-together portion of the project.

So the backing will be for another day's perusal. I want to eat banana bread and watch tv. This was the last week of school for Baby Boy's mother so we're essentially off until mid-August. We'll get a few jobs between the rain drops but it is our slow season and we'll have fun eating down the food stuffs and using up the craft supplies while we do household cleaning and sorting that is hard to do with a curious toddler on my lap.

Happy Summer.

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  1. The woman in the picture... beautiful. Oh!?! I'm supposed to be commenting on the quilt?

    I know Karen will love it. It is outstandingly gorgeous. Each one of your quilts is more stunning than the last. You do such wonderful work!

  2. Lynda,
    I just love the flimsy and can't wait till it's finished so I can snuggle up to it and think of you.
    The best case scenario would be if you hand delivered it, but alas I know that you are just too far away. I do love it almost as much as I love you. Thank you, thank you. Your the best!