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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Totally Re-purposed Blanket

The center twelve squares are reclaimed cashmere from sweaters I either owned or thrifted and felted.

The outer circle of  light blue and red squares used to be sweatshirts.

I appliqued that all  to a "garage sale for a buck red fleece blanket" that a neighbor was letting go.

It's warm and cozy and fuzzy and pretty if you like those colors. It fits a twin size perfectly and we use on the couch when it's chilly. I love its cheerfulness.

Linking up with Linda at Creative Friday.

Piper and Wyatt in the Hammock Chair

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  1. Just come over to your place for a browse too! This blanket is just my kind of thing, I bet it's super warm and cosy. I love repurposing wools into patchwork.