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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday's Gratuitous Picture

There are times when words are few and feelings run high.
Today is one of those days.

Do you get days where you haven't much to say and yet feel the need for contact ?

Yeah, me too, so let's look at some fun pictures and call it a week. A busy week that included extra kids, mud, sidewall tire blow-outs that ended well, short naps, cutting teeth and lots and lots of drool. Did I mention the mud ?~! And the mopping !~!

The Crafting Continues

Cowl of silk crocheted for Baby's Mama
This came from where
Chandi dyes the most glorious colors.

Some of this 100 gm skein went into the weaving during the Summer Session at RAC. The remainder became a cowl for the baby's mama.

The multi-colored silk on the loom at RAC
with bamboo/silk as the rest of the weaving.

How can one resist a bowl such as this-chicken and flowers ?~!

Where's that Baby these Days ?~!

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  1. I am absolutely fascinated by the pictures of your weaving. I love the checkered affect you achieved.