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Friday, March 28, 2014

She's Very Difficult to Resist !~!

CatCat 2.0 has grown into a valued and delightful member of the family in her four months with us. A New Years Eve arrival to LyndaLand, she staked her claims and appreciates affection most of the time. She's gentle with her pointy parts and for the first time recently drew blood on my hand. She was as dismayed as I was, I think. She loves to purr which CatCat 1 never did. It's a cool deal when that motor gets going so loudly and she head butts me...

Sitting in Baby Boy's Bumpo Seat-why, you may ask? I haven't a clue.
Stretched out on the couch taking a break from all her kitty duties.


  1. I miss our kitty. The only thing better than cuddling with a cat, is holding a baby. You've got the best of both worlds and she loves your quilts. It doesn't get much better than that.

  2. So glad CC2 has become a valued family member. Animals in our lives help with all sorts of things. Including lowering your blood pressure. Love my Gracie who has just stuck her nose into my antecubital space.... oh so cold and wet is that nose. She needs to go out. Time to patrol the yard and see if the rabbit is out there.