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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January's FO Linking with Cat Patches

I have begun a project making potholders and cast iron pan handle covers for a friend from Junior High; she sent me a Shoo Fly Pie last month right about the time my  mom died. It was a blessing beyond words as I ate the pieces and went back to my childhood in the Pennsylvania Dutch country and the pies my mom had served us over the years. Shoo Fly was a very inexpensive way to treat four hungry kids on a budget. I have no pic of the pie-I ate it before I thought about making a portrait of it. Trust  me it was delectable and I enjoyed it for over a week.

So I want to do something for Maureen to repay her kindness and potholders are a sure bet most of the time. Her kitchen is green--Fab, one of my favorite colors is green and I have some really pretty greens in my strip stash. The potholders are finished and the handle covers are in process. That counts as an FO, doesn't it, Barb ?~! Linking to your fantastic Cat Patches FO Party.

Like Diamonds in the Corners, I whipstitched the edges after turning them both in on each other. They are lined with one layer of Insulbrite; I have been using single-layer potholders for many years and they work well. The hanging loops are linen for long life.

I still have to make the pan handle covers. Coming to a blog near you... Soon.


  1. Wonderful Lynda. I've never had Shoo Fly pie. The handle covers are very handy. I have a couple of store-bought ones.

  2. Great potholders. It's amazing how an ordinary object can become something special with a little color mixing. I've never made handle covers so I am eager to see what you come up with.