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Thursday, February 6, 2014

CatCat 2.0-a Photograhic Essay

New Year's Eve brought a new kitty to LyndaLand. A near replica of the kitty we buried Dec 8, she's fitting in so well, ruling her home as we love her. She runs and jumps and chases insects and looks out the windows and talks and plays with the slow drip in the tub faucet. She colonized the bathtub so we brought in the unused boppy pillow and cover it with a couple baby blankets and she hangs out there sleeping and watching the Little One try to find her.

Lounging about-I'm good at that.

Chasing balled up paper and pipe cleaners makes fun. 
What is this thing ?~! I cannot move with it on :( No, not outside with this on. Please take it off right now. I don't need to go out.

Looking out the door is good enough for me, really, honest, mom !~!

Guarding the bathroom so no one gets in my special hideaway/water play park.

That cute little heated bed you bought for me, remember it ?~!
Yeah, I'm way too big and besides I have my own heat-we call it fur.
Thanks though, maybe some tiny critter will use it someday.

I'd love to finish my nap if your flash was going off in someone else's face.
I am cute tho, don't you think ? 

Lost my pipe cleaner toy again. Help me, someone, anyone, please....

I feel as silky as I look; and so I bet you wish your hair was this pretty, huh ?~!

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